Velia. i caffè ritrovati

Coffee is our daily passion

We spend the best part of our day making your next cup of coffee sing.

Velia has been in the coffee business for the last 30 years.

We are at your disposal whether you need green coffee beans, roasting machines, espresso machines, storage and packaging solutions, decorated porcelain cups or just your next, special coffee blend.

We use our experience and our knowledge of the coffee world to design a tailor-made solution for your company.

Here's a little tour of the companies we represent: from fresh beans to a smoking cup of delicious coffee, in 4 simple steps...

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1 A good cup of coffee starts with great coffee beans.

Cogeco selects coffees from all over the world

The company was founded in the early 60's and is now one of the biggest importers of green coffee on the Italian market. Coffee arrives mainly from Brasil, but also from Central America, Asia and Africa.

Cogeco's strengths are the quality and variety of its product as well as consistency of stock availability. This is made possible by carefully selecting and maintaining a relationship of trust with its suppliers.

Regardless of the season, Cogeco can always provide you with a wide range of coffees to meet your needs.

Visit Cogeco's headquarters in Trieste.

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2 Quality coffee beans are roasted at about 300° until golden brown.

STA creates your tailor-made roasting plant

Founded in 1988, STA produces a wide array of roasting machines and full roasting plants, sold both nationally and internationally. Their extremely reliable machines follow modern day regulations as well as the principles of ergonomics and functionality.

Thanks to its experience and constant research, STA is able to offer solutions that are both innovative and scaled to your needs. Whether you want to start small and gradually expand, or have a clear picture of your entire coffee production plant; STA will find the best solutions for your company.

Visit STA's headquarters in Crespellano, Bologna.

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3 Once the roasted coffee has had time to rest, it's packed in bags designed to retain its special aroma.

Gruden offers all sorts of flexible packaging solutions

Founded in 1948, Gruden produces packaging products for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Its modern and efficient machinery and techniques guarantee a high standard of production in all of the following areas: rotogravure printing, laminating with or without solvents and the manufacturing of pre-formed 100g to 5kg bags, with or without valve.

Gruden can help you develop the best packaging solution for your product, starting from its design to the finished bag.

Visit Gruden's headquarters in MaserĂ  di Padova, Padova.

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4 A well prepared coffee should be served in a beautiful & resistant porcelain cup.

IPA produces top quality porcelain cups

Founded in 1955, IPA is one of the most important Italian manufacturers of cups for the professional market.

IPA not only offers a wide range of high quality cups but constantly strives to create new ambitious designs that combine pleasing shapes with sound ergonomics and durable materials.

Its in-house graphic studio can help visualise your designs through digital 3D simulations which will save you time during the all important decision-making phase and quickly give shape to your ideas.

Numerous designers, architects and artists such as Oliviero Toscani, Goran Lelas and Matilde Domestico, have worked with IPA at creating new shapes and original collections.

Add your personal touch to IPA's exclusive models to make your coffee brand look its best.

Visit IPA's headquarters in Usmate Velate, Monza.

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5 For those who wish to try some great coffee at home.

HARIO makes simple and elegant brewing devices for professional baristas and coffee lovers alike

HARIO's glass instruments are the result of skills inherited and improved by experienced craftsmen since 1921.

They place the highest value on quality and produce products that are excellently designed, beautiful to look at and incredibly simple to use.

HARIO makes all sorts of brewing tools: from ceramic grinders to coffee drippers, from syphons to iced coffee makers.

Take some time off and enjoy a cup of specialty coffee, brewed to suit your taste.

Visit HARIO's headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

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6 Looking for more information or a personalised quote for any of our services? Drop us a line and we will get in touch with you shortly.

7 Call us or visit us directly at our offices.